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I am pretty obsessed with massages and have had many, in London and on holidays. This one is up there, as one of the best that I've experienced. The masseur was thorough and diligent, just enough pressure and a full hour for sure. I was very relaxed and impressed - don't get me wrong, at some problem areas you feel it but it's not painful just a little bitter-sweet, like it should be. I will definitely be going back and bringing my bf to experience it too. Thanks.



Excellent massage! Very relaxing and excellent client care and great customer service! Would definitely recommend and be coming back again!



The best massage.... Ever!! Laid on a mat on the floor and was literally walked all over! Was really deep tissue sports massage. Masseur took into account I have an old injury from breaking my back and was careful accordingly.



I love this palace. The massage is very deep and they actually listen to what you want. Highly recommend this place and service.


Great massage, solved all my knots and professional touch. Will definitely go back again! Friendly and thoughtful staff and nice music. Thank you.

Mia Lieberman

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